Lade x Core 2 7 (pink_n_blackx27) wrote,
Lade x Core 2 7

[EDIT]: Okie well, Another idea is one with a picture of Matt <33 (which i can also send) and maybe with lyrics about... wanting someone you'll NEVAR have XD [/EDIT]

Anyboday interested in making Mee an Icon? eh? EH?

like a moooooving icon? XD

Maybeh... WOOSH pictures of Davey. (can be sent through email/aim)
and and I do NOT mean Davey Havok. Different Davey... that says either "I Miss You" or something... one of those icons that has one large picture and the little picture in the corner changing? those are sex. lol but it would have a picture of him, my favourite one and then flashing in the corner would be the other pictures of him i have kinda soft looking... with an elegant sorta font you know? or... your fire makes it all worth while or WHATEVER the hell those lyrics are XD (from 6 to 8)

yeah. desperate deprived no-program-to-make-moving-icons child here.


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