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I hate lexi right now. She's in my Mother's Bedroom hanging out with my Mother. She came here to hang out with me and it really makes me feel unwanted. My mom said "If you girls are interested, theres a very funny show on. You guys can come watch it with me" and before she got to "show" lexi got up and walked in there. I fucking wish she didnt come over just to see my mom. Thats the only reason she EVER comes over. I fucking hate her guts right now. She and my mom are "bonding" in the next room and I'm here in the office typing about my life. Ugh, How I hate her. Id like to slap her and throw her in a dumpster, then kick her off niagra falls. But... i will resist. Ugh, I cant get over how much i hate her right now. Bitch. I hate her smile, i hate her laughing, i hate everything about her but of course it'll probably ware down and ill come crawling back to her fucking as soon as i get bored. I dont have any friends and shes the only person who can make me feel extreme hartred and superiority at the same time. I hate her. I Loathe her. I dont want to look back at her for fear of her head exploding from my glare. She knows im mad. And shes so fucking spoiled at her house too, whenever she comes over to my house and i dont let her touch my webcam she fucking tells my mom. Arent we a little past that stage? God i hate her. She admitted she's bi and i swear she wants my mom. -shudder- bad images. Fuck, I mean, i told her, drop your fucking problem or I'm not going to turn on the webcam. She was being such a bitch she could only say "LET ME TAKE A PICTUREEE" I wanted to slap her and slice off her head. Luckily the swords are up high. THEN my mom walks by us and says "what're you guys doin?" and lexi whines "SHE WONT LET ME TAKE PICTURES ON THE WEBCAM!" I swear. Sometimes i wish i could shove her face into a shard of glass. Fuck you all, I dont give a shit if you think im being jealous or whatever emotions you think it is. Right now All i know is that i'm REALLY pissed off. Dont talk to me, you'll regret it.

FUCK! I hate lexi. GRR.. If my mom werent home i Would shove her face into glass dammit. UGH I need a fucking drink.
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