Lade x Core 2 7 (pink_n_blackx27) wrote,
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Don't you hate that?

Don't you absolutely hate it when the person who you [ think ] you're in ... strong like ... added to your LJ but they don't read it, but still have a slim chance of reading it? Yes. -_-; it's killing me. I'd like to talk about her and say how much she means to me and all that bullshit, but I can't because for all i know she could be reading this right now. O_O; shit. >>; I'm afraid to say her name, but... her code name's gonna be... Jade. o_o; just... cos. xD yes. I made this cut because yeah. o_o; she never checks my LJ and on the rare occasion that she does, its never behind a cut. or at least her comments arent. xD so yeah o__o; lalala. going now. >>; nyahh.

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